4,650 mile road trip from the East Coast thru the Corn belt, Deep South and returning home stopping at the Steel City, the Windy City, Des Moines, Mile High City, Alamo City, The big D, Bluff City, Charm city and returning to the Big Apple.

On June 18, 2019 my wife and i bought the Tesla Model 3 all wheel drive  with auto pilot and full self driving. Was never a car guy – although have owned the Audi A6 and loved it. Now i look for an excuse to drive – living in the middle of midtown manhattan doesn’t offer enough driving options.

Since we had to be in Denver for a Joe Bonamassa concert at Red Rocks one weekend and Dallas for a wedding the next – i found my excuse. My wife who couldn’t take the time off will meet me in Des Moines, Iowa for the Iowa State Fair and will stay on till Memphis. We will then meet up again to visit her mother in Baltimore.  Don’t mention this to her but the real reason was that there are not enough Berdoff Goodman stores along the route planned.

Why drive 4,650miles? And why blog about it?  Good questions it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I am exhausted after a half hour playing with my hot wheels – driving to Baltimore is exhausting.  1 hour is too much for me. Why do this road trip –  autopilot! More on that later. The Tesla has ignited my enjoyment for driving.

Why do i have this burning desire to do this drive? Most of the time, i will be alone in the car. Life crisis?  Bored? Need adventure? Needing alone time? Need soul searching time?  Good thing, bad thing? Who knows? I do know i wanted to drive cross country and while won’t make it the whole way – road tripping will allow me to see some sights, catch up with friends and family, eat some good food.  Broad strokes of the trip have been planned but am excited to have each day unfold ( or blown up) before my eyes.

Model 3 AWD
June 18, 2019