Day 1 NY to Pittsburgh – 395 Miles

I will miss my toilet
Selfie stick test – passed! Me and my toilet


Carlisle, PA first charge on trip to Pittsburgh

A trip like this with an electric car requires planning. Checklists, route guides, books and planning, camera, car, and selfie stick equipment testing. Or you could just wing it.

Off to a good start on Day 1 -got up at 6 am left at 7:30 am driving thru rural Pennsylvania stopping in Carlisle, PA to charge up. Left home with 60% of battery power, arrived in Carlisle with 10% power, charged up to 95% then arrived in Pittsburgh with 32% charge. The trip was laced with flat farm land. Did you know that from parts of New Jersey to Denver it is mostly farmland? Who needs all these states?

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