Working out is overrated!

Let’s face it working out is not good for you. Risk of serious injury, sweat soiling your clothes, exhaustion, sore muscles and a major time suck. As a former track and field athlete, I know. Running is a gateway workout. It takes time away from eating, resting, and general inactivity. Lastly, think of the added time at the end of your life – you won’t be able to enjoy the extra years while you’re in a vegetative state. Why does that extra time have to come at the end – why can’t it come in the middle or earlier in your life? Adding it at the end of your life while you have run out of money and can’t enjoy it is just unnecessary and a serious consequence of working out.

Despite the serious risks, I commenced a rigorous workout routine on this trip. Not for the faint of heart and please do not try this at home without clearance from your doctor. My workout is comprised of one set of two reps of push-ups followed by – after a 15 minute rest interval- one set of three sit-ups and this routine is done once every two weeks. Please consult your doctor before commencing any workout program. My professional advice is just don’t do it. Am exhausted just typing about my super human workout regime. You can see the immediate results below.

Body by Bacon

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