Happy birthday to Moo!

Happy birthday Michelle! The baby of the family, continues to make us proud. Is this the baby girl we knew – who never walked as a child? Who is this focused gal clearly on a mission in life? Recently married (at a perfect wedding), now two feet firmly in her thirties, never cease to amaze ( and amuse ) me.

Your first spoken word was “MOO”.   Michelle means “morning cow” in japan. All the mooing as a baby, sleeping while standing, and love of milk. All makes sense.

Your first steps were taken as a teenager.  You went from arms directly to strollers,  shoulders then crib and back. We discovered a direct correlation between sitting on my shoulders and your singing.  You sang Fraggle Rock tunes loudly mounted firmly on my shoulders, if I put you down, you cried out “I am tired”  or “Moo” insisting to be carried more. Only recently did we discover that we had no photos of you walking as a child. We believe you did crawl once or twice but no documentary evidence to support this assertion. 

Have a wonderful birthday and will celebrate back in New York. See you in Dallas next weekend! Love you

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