After a two hour flight from Pittsburgh, very expensive and rush hour traffic delayed cab ride, i arrived at Mt. Sinai Hospital at 5 pm, in a nick of time as Jessica was born at 5:57. Walked in, luggage in hand, i received a loud roar from the waiting room on the first floor. Gwen’s mom Hope, My mom, Bea, Gwen’s brother Larry and his future wife, Idel, and my sister Roma all hugged me as i rushed off to replace Samantha and be with Gwen.

It was too late for Lamaze. I tried unsuccessfully to encourage Gwen to breath but she was begging for drugs. Jessica was born minutes later.

Never will forget coming down stairs to announce to an eager waiting room filled with family that “it is a girl”.

If you know, Jessica, you know this to be true. Her soul is a healing force. Her curative birth brought families together – the Kostmayer’s and Maffia families are forever connected. Within each family we were all brought closer together. Shunned fathers, distant mothers and siblings were all brought closer together that day. Day one, Jessie just is just good for one’s soul. She is an old soul with wisdom, beauty, a creative eye, originality and class. I could go on but this blog charges by the word.

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