The Santa Fe Trail

I heard of it and likely learned about it in grade school not remembering much. What i learned today is unbelievable. I don’t understand why this wasn’t covered by 60 minutes – certainly CNN and MSNBC would be all over this.

While driving South on interstate 25 on our way from Denver to Santa Fe, we saw signs for the historic Santa Fe Trail. We took the 2 mile detour off the highway and were shocked.

The NRA had taken over the Santa Fe trail. You heard correctly – in order to visit the Santa Fe Trail you have to go on NRA property and sign a lot of paperwork – waivers and we might of joined the NRA. While being held at gunpoint they made us take photos of Charleston Heston. Very unnerving.

UPDATE Am pleased to report that we found the Santa Fe Trail safe and sound and outside of NRA control. Of all places we found it in Santa Fe.

Editorial while i do believe in the right to bear arms. This country was founded on that principal – and the second amendment provides for it. But that doesn’t mean citizens should have the right to bear assault rifles that are really military grade weapons. Why can’t citizens own atomic weapons then? This makes no sense – weapons that are military grade with the ability for mass killings should not be sold to citizens. And some basic protections to keep weapons out of the hands of those who should not own guns. How many more murders must we endure? Does the right to bear arms trump the right to live? Enough already!

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