The Socialists are coming!

My wife and I thought it was a good idea to go to the Iowa State Fair. We never been and it is a great chance to see America and a good stopping point on our way towards Denver. Little did we expect to be invaded by Socialists in the heartland of America. Is there any place safe?

Twenty some odd – socialist presidential candidates heard two New York Republicans are heading to the Iowa State Fair. Why did this happen again? This reminds me of the time I was planning to propose to my wife. I wanted someplace special. The perfect place was the bell towers at Riverside Church. It is a very special place to me because I used to take my kids up to the bell tower. The Bell Tower looms over the skyline in upper Manhattan and is part of the tallest church in the country. The bell tower nearly 400 feet tall. It includes 74 bronze bells one of them is a 20 ton bourdon. Our visit were timed to hear the bell concerts played on the hour. The tower has an outside walkway with a 360 degree breath taking view of Manhattan. The girls used to get spooked while walking up the tower because of the dark humongous and loud bells. The church and the surrounding area including Grant’s tomb is a must see on your next visit to NYC. It was August 2004 and the bell tower was closed to the public. Insurance issues I understand. A shame. I had to call and beg, telling the man that it had a very special meaning to me and that i wanted to propose to my wife up in the bell tower. He reluctantly agreed. I assumed it was all set. I had to figure out a way to get my wife -then girlfriend – there – it was a secret. We loved to walk so walked up to 120th Street with the Bulgari Pink Sapphire ring burning a hole in my pocket ( in many ways). We arrived at the Church and what do we see – heavy duty secret service as Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton was attending church that day – patting us down – fearful that I had to take the ring box out – they prevented anyone from going up to the bell tower. After convincing MJ to wait around a while telling her how special this place was. Finally, we were able to walk up to the tower, and while walking outside I got down on one knee. If you know MJ, tears started streaming down her face before any word were spoken. She said yes!

The point is that the Democrats have done it again – boxed us out descending on us. Who is tipping them off on our whereabouts?

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