Are you a white nationalist?

My wife asked me whether Iowa had any white nationalists? Good question? How does one find out? Google it? We could beat around the bush and ask “Can you say yes to any two of the three following questions?” Did you vote for Trump?, Do you own an assault rifle? And/or do you use pillow cases for anything other than to cover a pillow? We decided to be more open and honest by asking people directly at the Iowa State Fair. Seemed like a good idea. We saw men at a booth dressed in white uniforms and selling pillow cases and old flags – the booth was very crowded – after we walked away without satisfaction. I think they thought we were asking about baseball. American or Nationalist league? That wasn’t my question – i said. Before they would answer the question they asked for my passport and one man in a white uniform pointed to a sign that showed triple Ks. Thought to myself that this was not a lot of strikeouts – so why brag? They then proceeded to show me their bat collection and I took that this as a sign that there is a total miscommunication in Iowa.

Later that evening my wife pointed out that this table we approached was a fundraising booth for an Iowa little league team. The old flags were little league team flags and the uniforms had “Yankee” lettering on the front. Miscommunication – my bad!

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